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From Jeromy Evans <>
Subject Re: [S2] <s:select> and Integer lists
Date Sat, 06 Sep 2008 09:32:35 GMT
Lyallex wrote:
> I'm starting to feel that way about Struts2, the other day I wanted to
> add some params to a url .. lo and behold the framework automatically
> appended all the params available on the action to the URL ... bloody
> madness. I ended up turning this ludicrous 'feature' off and doing it
> myself. I want to be in control, not have someone else tell me what I
> need ...

So, I guess you didn't notice the url tag has includeContext (default 
true) and includeParams (default false) attributes.

Is this because:
a. your IDE didn't suggest them?
b. there's too many attributes so they were lost in the noise?
c. the documention for the tag was inadequate? 
d. the default behaviour is not the most frequently needed behaviour (in 
your case)
e. other

I've been through the same growing pains myself.  Mostly it was b, c or 
d. But then, often I forget how painful it was to not use struts2.

As for the list of Integers, I'm not sure what more it could do... it 
saw you were referencing a list of integers so it tried to populate the 
keys and values of the select appropriately. When you tried to override 
the behaviour and force it to calculate a different key it stopped 
working.  Short of better warning message that the listKey resolved to 
null, or more examples, I'm not sure what else is a fault here.  It 
certainly beats mapping the integer list to a Map to populate a select 

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