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From Jeromy Evans <>
Subject Re: JBoss 5 RC1 and Struts 2 : Simple validation error (URI scheme is not "file")
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2008 10:58:26 GMT

Bobby Mitch wrote:
> ok,
> well for your information I asked about that problem in the JBoss problem, thinking that
the problem could come from JBoss, and I just posted the question on the XWORK forum
> where i hope they will help me fix it.
> It seems that it is a problem related to xwork, not Struts 2 itself.
> What do you think ?

It is probably in Xwork, but Struts2 is so tightly coupled to Xwork it's 
much the same thing.  Most S2 developers can change Xwork code.

Looks like you received from good help in the jboss forum.

Now that you know where the error occurs, place a breakpoint inside 
parseValidators to find out *exactly* which URI is causing the problem.

Iterator<URL> urls = ClassLoaderUtil.getResources("", ValidatorFactory.class, false);
while (urls.hasNext()) {
   URL u =;
   File f = new File(u.toURI()); 

It's strange that getResources() is returning a non-file url.  What URL 
is it returning that causes the exception to be thrown?

(normally you get these exceptions when opening a FileInputSream on, 
say, an http: URL)

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