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From Jeromy Evans <>
Subject Re: Struts2 + Dojo 0.4 + unbeforeunload problem
Date Thu, 11 Sep 2008 07:42:11 GMT
Pablo Vázquez Blázquez wrote:
> No idea or miss-explanation?

Use dojo's event model. You need to register a listener/subscriber for 
the event via dojo.

If you assign a listener directly to onbeforeunload or onload you'll 
overwrite the listeners that dojo needs to assign (or vice-versa, dojo 
will overwrite yours).

Check the dojo docs for examples. I can't think of it off the top of my 

Also, there should be a dojo-specific event you can subscribe to for the 
completion of an ajax request, rather than the page-related events.  
Check the recipes for that.

Hope that helps a little.

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