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From "Gawain Hammond" <>
Subject RE: ajax validation issue
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2008 11:48:44 GMT

Thanks very much for your input. I think a lot of the confusion I'm
having is that I've been following 2.1.x documentation while using
2.0.x. Sometimes it's not been clear if the documentation I'm following
is for a particular version or not, and with the many way to do
something it can be easy to get lost, not that I'm complaining mind you,
I love the flexibility. 

I do have basic server-side validation working for forms, but
unfortunately I get the issues with drop-down population after
validation kicks in and returns to my form (validation does work nicely
though :-). I'm really hoping to avoid using prepare as I'm using a
single action to perform crud operations for many classes and my prepare
method would get very large to populate all the drop downs.

A really nice solution so far has been to an action tag to populate
forms, which has worked nicely the rest of the time. I've really liked
using this approach to fill drop-downs, like so:

<s:action namespace="/admin" name="crud.Group.listAll"


<s:select label="Group" name="" value="%{}" 
  list="%{#groupAction.list}" listKey="id" listValue="name"/>

Using %{#groupAcation.list} to populate the drop down works great, but
the only work around I've seen to fill the select box after validation
returns to the form is rather messy:

If I could get the form elements to populate after a failed server-side
validation I'd happily just use server-side validation. I'm not sure why
the above jsp won't populate my drop downs after validation returns the
form, does anyone know if I can I get these action tags to work in such

Knowing ajax validation will only work with xhtml/css_html theme is
helpful, I've been using ajax all along which may explain some issues.
You said to use the default interceptor stack for 2.1.2, and the
documentation I read says to use 'jsonValidationWorkflowStack' do I need
both of them or will just the default stack work?

Many thanks for your time.


As a side note, I've used the s:autocomplete form element which does
populate drop down boxes after validation forces the page back to the
form, but there's no similar ajax alternative for multiple select boxes
that I can find, so it's just them that are empty now. I feel so close
and yet so far away from my finishing this :-)

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From: Jeromy Evans [] 
Sent: 10 September 2008 01:19
To: Struts Users Mailing List
Subject: Re: ajax validation issue

Gawain Hammond wrote:
> ...
That's a lot of problems, and to work-around each problem you've moved 
to a more sophisticated and complicated solution hoping for the best.

You'll need to get the plain-old-validation working first. If validation

fails, your action's execute method is not invoked, so you need to 
ensure all the data needed by the page is available in that case.  eg. 
If you have a select that needs a list of values, then populate the list

in the prepare method rather than the execute method.

Client-side validation is then generated from your server-side 
validation settings.  It'll only works with xhtml or css_xhtml theme'd 
forms with validate=true. If it fails in individual tags it's possible 
there's something wrong with the markup.  When you isolate it to certain

fields your browser can help you work this out.

If you want to use ajax validation you'll need to ensure you're using 
the default interceptor stack for 2.1.2. It'll use your server-side 
validation settings.  You'll need the sx:head tag in your page and need 
to be attentive to where you use ajax theme'd tags verses other themes 
(eg. if you don't want the form posted via ajax).

I suggest you go back to basics; create a new minimal form with a 
minimal action and it get it to work.

Hope that helps,
 Jeromy Evans

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