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From Jim Walmsley <>
Subject Re: update for struts-2.0.dtd: missing package/default-class-ref attribute
Date Mon, 10 Nov 2008 21:11:31 GMT
Thanks for your reply Dave.

The DTD in the struts2-core jar is correct.  The issue is that Eclipse 
gives me a validation error when I have the out-of-date public  DTD in 
the XML header.  (The code works anyway, but we don't want validation 
errors.)  The URL header is checked before searching the classpath, so 
Eclipse is never going to find the classpath version when it does its 
background validation.

What I've done is to point the XML header to a copy of the correct DTD 
extracted to the classpath of the WAR project. This keeps Eclipse 
happy.  This should be only a temporary solution.  The real solution is 
to update  Given 
that the error has been recognised as a bug and fixed in 2.0.9, and that 
the current release of Struts2 is 2.0.12, shouldn't this have been done 
by now?

Jim Walmsley

Dave Newton wrote:
> --- On Sun, 11/9/08, Jim Walmsley wrote:
>> The dtd at
>> appears to be a valid alternative as a temporary measure. Is
>> there any reason why it should not be used?
> It's *probably* okay, although I've never tried it.
> Have you tried using the DTD recommended in the bundled DTD? I'm not sure it should be
going onto the net to find the DTD if you're using the right one:
> <!DOCTYPE struts PUBLIC 
>   "-//Apache Software Foundation//DTD Struts Configuration 2.0//EN"
>   "">
> Dave
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