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From Antonio <>
Subject Re: struts 2 + java 1.4 + maven
Date Thu, 06 Nov 2008 09:53:53 GMT
2008/11/4 Andrei Ivanov <>:
> I'm forced to use java 1.4 and I was very happy to see there are jars
> that work with it.
> The thing is I also want to use maven for managing dependencies and I
> don't know how to specify in my
> pom that it has to use the translated jars...

It depends of what you are trying to use.
For example, with Tiles the translated versions are with the "j4"
classifier. So you specify the dependency this way:


But it is dependent on the fact that Tiles publishes retrotranslated
version of its packages with the "j4" classifier!
Moreover, it could be possible that the software you are trying to
depend on might not have published a retrotranslated version of the


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