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From Matthieu MARC <>
Subject Struts2, taglib, date, dojo and i18n
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2008 09:27:22 GMT

I'm french and I want to display date using struts2 taglib. So I wrote 
the following code in my jsp :

<s:date name="" format="EEE dd MMM yyyy" 
nice="false" />

and the result is :

lun. 01 d?c. 2008

Because I'm french,  I get the char '?' instead of 'é'

When using firebug, I found somme 404 error :
...../struts/dojo/src/i18n/calendar/nls/fr/gregorianExtras.js 404 not found
...../struts/dojo/src/widget/nls/fr/TimePicker.js 404 not found
...../struts/dojo/src/widget/nls/fr/DropdownTimePicker.js 404 not found

Looking in struts2 core jar, I just found one file in the nls/fr 
directory (validate.js)

I'am not sure my problem came from dojo javascript missing file, because 
when looking (with firebug) to the server response, I found "lun 01 
d?c". So maybee the problem is from the server and not the client.

My question is : how to get special char into s:date in order to display 
"lun. 01 déc." ? if the problem is from the dojo nls missing file, how 
to add it to the struts2 core jar ?


Matthieu MARC

Matthieu MARC

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