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From Stephiems <>
Subject Re: [s2] multiple submit buttons using action and method
Date Fri, 01 May 2009 01:24:00 GMT

Both submits go to the same action, just different methods, so I can't have
different forms. I might have to change how it works. I don't like it as it
is, but that is what the client wanted, and as much as I tried to get them
to chanage, in the end I have to do what they want.

Here is basically what I'm doing:

JSP (not the full jsp, I've taken out as much as the unnecessary stuff as

<s:form name="displ" action="ListCustomerData">
                    <display:table name="dataList" id="table" pagesize="30"
decorator="checkboxDecorator" form="displ" defaultsort="4" uid="item"
                        excludedParams="itemsToPay agingCategory
priorAgingCategory totalAmount" class="borderedtable" cellspacing="0"
                            <display:column property="checkbox" title="" />
                            <display:column property="invoiceNumber"
titleKey="label.invoiceNumber" sortable="true" />
                            <display:column property="type"
titleKey="label.type" sortable="true" />
                            <display:column property="issueDate"
titleKey="label.issueDate" format="{0,date,dd/MM/yyyy}" sortable="true" />
                            <display:column property="dueDate"
titleKey="label.dueDate" format="{0,date,dd/MM/yyyy}" sortable="true" />
                            <display:column property="purchaseOrder"
titleKey="label.purchaseOrder" sortable="true" />
                            <display:column property="amountAsDecimal"
titleKey="label.amount" format="{0,number,$#,##0.00}"
style="text-align:right" sortable="true" />
                        <s:text name=""><s:param name="value"
                        <s:submit id="saveButton" name="saveButton"
value="%{getText('')}" cssClass="button"/> <s:submit
id="payNowButton" name="payNowButton"
value="%{getText('button.label.paynow')}" action="ListCustomerData"
method="pay" cssClass="button"/></p>

Then in my ListCustomerData action I have a save() function and pay()

Again, just to repeat, this only seems to happen if I press the pay, find an

I might just have to make it so the pay isn't a submit button, maybe have a
sort of 'shopping cart' running total at the top of the screen where they
can click on the link to go to the make payment screen.. But, I do still
believe that what I'm trying to do should work. 


newton.dave wrote:
> Stephiems wrote:
>> I'm having a problem with the action and method values on the s:submit
>> tag.
>> I have a form where I have two submits, Save and Pay Now. Save submits to
>> the actions save() method and Pay Now submits to the actions pay()
>> method.
>> In the pay() method I have some of my own validation, if it passes, I
>> forward it on to another action to make a payment, if it doesn't pass, I
>> return it to the screen they were just on and display an error message.
>> When they are directed back to the original page and shown the error
>> message, if they now press the Save submit, they are redirected to the
>> pay()
>> method as if they had pressed the Pay Now button, instead of going to the
>> save() method.
>> I've also had problems with this tag where I've had to name the action
>> and
>> the method, not just the method, or else they don't work correctly
>> either.
>> I think I've possibly found a bug, but I wanted to check to make sure I
>> haven't done anything wrong before reporting it.
> Can you show the JSP and configuration? I've used the "method" parameter 
> with the submit tag without any issues.
> Dave
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