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From Jesús Gallardo <>
Subject Struts basic forwards
Date Thu, 14 May 2009 10:44:36 GMT
Hi for all.

Firstly thank you all for reading this email, I hope you can help me,
I'm starting with struts.

I want to do something as simple as 2 links to pass control to 2
different JPS.
as follows.

         <html:link action=""> Hello </ html: link>
         <html:link action=""> Bye </ html: link>
In struts-conf.xml have defined the following action-mappings and

         <forward name="welcome" path="/"/>
         <forward name="sayhello" path="/"/>
         <forward name="saygoodbye" path="/"/>
     </ global-forwards>

         <action path="/Welcome" forward="/welcomeStruts.jsp"/>
         <action path="/SayHello" forward="/WEB-INF/hello.jsp"/>
         <action path="/SayGoodBye" forward="/WEB-INF/bye.jsp"/>
     </ action-mappings>
And the end result is an exception type

javax.servlet.ServletException: Could not initialize class

I believed that this would work, otherwise I did not understand how
struts work.
Someone can tell me if my fault or failure of a dependency?

Tnks for all :)
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