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From "Jon Pearson" <>
Subject RE: OGNL in HTML tags
Date Fri, 01 May 2009 12:21:06 GMT
> Dave Newton wrote:
> > <tr class="<s:property value="%{getStatus(deviceID)}"/>">
> Minor addendum:
> IMO when iterating over a collection of model objects a 
> status lookup like this would be a matter of querying the 
> device, rather than providing a lookup based on the device ID.
> If device statuses need to be mapped to CSS classnames I'd 
> pass the device itself to a utility translation method rather 
> than forcing the translator to look up the device.
> This moves the generation of view-level data out of the 
> device model, eliminates the need to look up a device that 
> already exists as a model, and provides a measure of type 
> safety (Java's OOP, after all).
> The utility class could be used as shown, or in a JSP-based 
> custom tag, which can significantly clean up the view layer 
> depending on your requirements and/or implementation.
> Dave

I would like to do that, but if I have a Device object on the top of the
value stack (or perhaps somewhere near the top), how would I grab that
and pass it to the function? I just tried this and it didn't work:

<tr class="<s:property value="%{getStatus([0])}" />">

(after modifying the function to take a Device instead of an ID number).

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