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From Jan Fröhlich <>
Subject [S2.1.2] sx:div targets
Date Tue, 07 Jul 2009 14:55:00 GMT
Hi all,

I've seen this topic beeing discussed several times already, but I didn't find a solution
that works for me.

What I already got:
I invoke an action with a sx:a (targets="dialogContainer"). The action opens a document and
has two possible return values: "prompt" and "download".
"prompt" means, that there are several information necessary before the document can be downloaded.
It is type="tiles".
"download" means, that the document is ready for download. It is type="stream".

On the "prompt" page is a finish button, that has no targets set, so the download starts fine.
If the action returns "download" immediately it shows the stream in the specified "dialogContainer".

What I need is to modify the targets value out of my action.

I tried it from within the action and with an interceptor, but it seems like I can't access
the "targets" in the ValueStack.
Another way I tried, was to use afterNotifyTopics and redirect the data to what I want - but
that didn't work either. (Problem with the stream result)

Can someone give me a hint, how I can possibly solve it?
I even thought about modifying the freemarker template for the anchor tag - but I couldn't
find the right spot, where to do it.

Any help appreciated!

Kind regards

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