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From Dave Newton <>
Subject Re: Default-class-ref for Convention plugin?
Date Sun, 02 Aug 2009 18:57:50 GMT
Tom Terrace wrote:
> Hi everyone,In my app I use a base action class to define some simple helper
> methods which are used throughout my jsps (i.e. getCurrentTime(),
> getCurrentUser(), etc.).  Before switching to the Convention plugin, I used
> <default-class-ref class="BaseAction"/> to ensure that these methods were
> available for all my "actionless" jsps. With the convention plugin it looks
> like these actionless results are hard coded to use ActionSupport.
> My initial work around was to modify the ConventionUnknownHandler class and
> add in a constant - "struts.convention.default.class.ref" which is used in
> place of the ActionSupport reference. This works pretty well but I'd rather
> not have to use a custom jar, so I was wondering if anyone else had run into
> this problem, or if there was any other way to get around this without
> reverting back to struts.xml.

IIRC there's a bean defined in Convention's config file that defines the 
unknown handler--have you tried looking in to that?


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