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From "jimmy Zhang" <>
Subject [ANN] VTD-XML 2.7
Date Sat, 03 Oct 2009 03:32:41 GMT
VTD-XML 2.7 is released and can be downloaded at

Below is a summary of what are the new features and enhancements.

Expanded VTD-XML's Core API

* VTDNav: toStringUpperCase, toStringLowerCase, contains(), endsWith(),
* Extended VTD added in-memory buffer support

Improved Xpath

* added the following XPath 2.0 functions: abs(), ends-with(), upper-case(),
* added support for variable reference
* significantly enhanced XPath syntax, checking error reporting (Special
thanks to Mark Swanson)
* Internal performance tuning

Bug fixes and Code Enhancement

* C version significantly removed warning message, fix memory leak during
Xpath expression parsing,
* Various bug fies (Special thanks to Jon Roberts, John Zhu, Matej Spiller,
Steve Polson, and Romain La Tellier) 

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