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Subject Redirect Action and wildcard methods
Date Sat, 17 Oct 2009 17:12:45 GMT

I have the following actions set up:

       <action name="post*" class="com.mypack.PostAction" method="{1}">
             <result name="category">/WEB-INF/jsp/pages/PostCategory.jsp</result>
             <result name="topic">/WEB-INF/jsp/pages/PostTopic.jsp</result>
             <result name="display" type="redirectAction">displayCategory</result>
       <action name="display*" class="com.mypack.DisplayAction" method="{1}">
             <result name="category">/WEB-INF/jsp/pages/DisplayCategory.jsp</result>
             <result name="topic">/WEB-INF/jsp/pages/Topic.jsp</result>

In my post action I return "display" which should redirect to the action "displayCategory"
which, by the way I have the display action set up should call the "Category" method in the
DisplayAction class, but it doesn't. It calls the execute method.

I have tried setting up the redirectAction up in a coupld of ways, firstly as show above,
but also using
<param name="actioniName">display</param>
<param name="method">Category</param>
using this method I get a java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: com.mypack.DisplayAction.!Category()
the method *does* exist as I can browse to displayCategory and the behaviour is correct -
is the .! part of the problem here?

and also <param name="actionName">displayCategory</param> does the same as the
more complete action detailed above.

Can anyone provide any insight as to why it isn't working as I expect?

Jake aka _LisWork

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