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From Tommy Pham <>
Subject Re: Show jsps from different directories based on "theme"
Date Wed, 21 Oct 2009 03:48:59 GMT
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> From: Jari Fredriksson <>
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> Sent: Tue, October 20, 2009 7:31:03 PM
> Subject: Re: Show jsps from different directories based on "theme"
> 21.10.2009 5:22, Tommy Pham kirjoitti:
> > If you're using S2, you could always return the 'theme1' or 'theme2' result in 
> your action class and have the mapping for it.
> That's absolutely a disgusting idea, think about 10 themes, and add to
> that user installable themes...
> A switch() at end of each of the action methods... no way.

I totally agree with you.  However, I'm just giving Brian options to assess his situation:
number of themes, whether to implement another set of library (more possible bugs, more memory
usage, bigger code base, dependency issues, etc), potential growth of his project, etc...
 Personally, I don't prefer the selection of separate theme pages.  I only use 1 page for
the and change the CSS and layout within that page via include.  Thus, no need for Tiles.
 Example, for a full layout:  header, left side bar, content in the middle, right side bar,
footer.  I could then choose dynamically to whether include the left, right, or both side
bar(s) for the other variations.  Using this approach may require themes in DB backend.  But
it will give you the best flexibility since there's no need to redeploy your web app just
because your client/customer want to have another theme layout with same content :)  When
I look at redeployment, I see downtime.  Perhaps Brian
 could also look into JSP Tags too.  I haven't finished my in depth look in it but it looks
very promising.

> > Or you could just use Tiles?
> Hopefully it helps, although I don't know how. I have only used Struts
> 1.2.x and Tiles for it, and never did themes..
> -- 
> Life is to you a dashing and bold adventure.

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