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From Eduard Neuwirt <>
Subject Double conversion
Date Wed, 14 Oct 2009 06:12:59 GMT
Hello all,

so I am still facing the problem with Double conversion ins Struts. So I 
am trying to describe the situation:
1. double will be converted without consideration of  localization, i.e. 
input and display form are using dot-notification.
2. Double will be convvrted with partial consideration of localization, 
the display form is done with dot-notification like 5.5 but input form 
is using comma-notification like 5,5. So it leads to the following 
mistake in fact input of displayed 5.5 leads to the value increasing to 
55. So you have to change the input from 5.5 to 5,5. There are several 
bug reports since 2007 but the bug still exists. Nevertheless  I  would 
get the problem solved.

So I tried the following workaround: I defined my own Double-Converter 
and declared it in for java.langDouble. The 
converter works fine, but the struts-default validator does not accept 
the comma-separted value so I get the "field invalid message".
What I doing wrong or how can I turn off the default Double conversion ? 
Please help.


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