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From Tommy Pham <>
Subject Re: Dyanamic properties in Struts2
Date Sun, 04 Oct 2009 19:23:52 GMT
---- Original Message ----
> From: Scott Smith <>
> To: Struts Users Mailing List <>
> Sent: Fri, October 2, 2009 4:35:06 PM
> Subject: Dyanamic properties in Struts2
> Has anyone found a good way to do the following. 
> I have a menu on a web page.  The strings used to display menu items are
> in properties files and so the tags on the web page reference the menu
> property name instead of hard-coding the actual string .  Therefore, I
> can have an English version of the property file and a Spanish version
> of the property file and different users will see different language
> versions of the menu.  All that works fine.
> Now the customer wants to be able to change the translations of the
> strings on the fly.  It's easy enough to give them a web page that
> allows them to look at the various strings and type in a new/different
> Spanish version of an English string.  But writing that out to the
> property file doesn't cause Struts2 to reload the property file and so
> anyone looking at a web page will see the old translation and not the
> new translation.  
> I can see how to do this by doing a custom version of the struts tags
> that get the property values and completely re-implement the property
> support in struts/java.  But, it seems like there should be an easier
> way.  
> Is there a way to get at the properties class instances (for different
> languages) that are loaded into the jvm and change the values on the
> fly?  I'd like to piggyback on the existing java support for the java
> properties class (and maybe put the different properties out in a
> database instead of in property files).
> Does anyone have any suggestions?  

What about using DB backend for localization?  You'll have to make major changes in your code.
 Once you have implemented DB backend, you can add/remove languages, or change the translations
dynamically without having to deploy the new version of the app.  The changes to the language
& translations can be done by anyone via the web UI with the proper privileges.


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