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From Raphaël Di Cicco <>
Subject IE complains about mixed content when doing HTTP-server-redirect with Struts
Date Thu, 01 Oct 2009 15:29:43 GMT

it has been a few weeks that I try to solve this issue, not with success so far.
I run a website in full SSL, by using a certificate on either Tomcat
or another equipment on the network (either one doesn't change the
The issue that I have is only happenning with IE6, despite having the
option to tell IE not to complain about mixed content, IE is warning
at each page that we are about to display "secure and non secure
I want to rule out a Struts problem before looking at Tomcat or more
complex infrastructure.

This pop up appears each time we are doing a "HTTP redirection" in my
application, in the sense to "forward inside the server".
We do so, to avoid refresh issues and doing the operation twice, when
for instance the previous Action is inserting data. Redirecting to a
display Action does the trick, as when you hit F5, the previous Action
repeated is only to display the page.

For instance, this is my Search Action definition :

<action path="/Search" type="...SearchAction" input=""
input="..." scope="request" parameter="method">
<forward name="searchResult" path="/"/>

In my process, the search method is invoked directly by POST

public ActionForward search(...)
    return getForwardRedirect(mapping.findForward("searchResult", true)

public ActionForward getForwardRedirect(final ActionForward f, boolean redirect)
   ActionForward af2 = new ActionForward(af);
   return af2

In every single case when I'm calling this redirection method, the
dreaded message appear.
Am I doing something wrong ? After all, I'm only reasoning based on
relative path, never mention any http/https ...
Any help/suggestion appreciated.


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