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From Todd Grigsby <>
Subject Re: MySQL + JDBC
Date Tue, 15 Dec 2009 02:56:50 GMT

Not that I wanted to get into a debate about the usefulness of ODBC, but 
the Java-based web services we have aren't the only things that connect 
to these databases, and going through ODBC has been, for the last 10 
years, a very nice and consistent way to connect across all our 
applications and utilities.  We have, at one time or another, supported 
all of the following:

    SQL Server
    Pervasive SQL
    MS Access (pre-Jet)

And a few others, and we have connected to these databases via ODBC all 
along the way.  Keeping the connection mechanism consistent has made 
development work in a number of languages simple.  So while I certainly 
appreciate everyone's enthusiasm for talking directly to MySQL, I have a 
legacy code base that works *REALLY* well through ODBC, and I'd like to 
stick with it.

So one more time for the folks at home: Is there anyone out there who 
has managed to get MySQL 64-bit to work via ODBC?


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