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From Patrick J Kobly <>
Subject Re: MySQL + JDBC
Date Tue, 15 Dec 2009 20:09:59 GMT
Todd Grigsby wrote:
> Other native apps.  The Java apps are being migrated from a 32-bit 
> environment (WinXP and Java 32-bit + Struts 1.1), and they worked 
> there.  I don't want to point to any one thing, since every part of 
> the equation is a newer version of what was there before, but at this 
> point the only things that can't use the connections are the web apps.  
But the web apps are the only things that use Java.  You don't have 
standalone Java apps or Java webapps built on a different framework than 
Struts...  The issue is almost certainly a 32-bit JRE trying to access a 
64-bit ODBC driver.
> Have you tried an all 64-bit setup with ODBC?
Nope.  Have never had a need for ODBC.  Though I can sorta see its 
advantages in a mixed-language environment.
> TG

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