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From Jake Vang <>
Subject how to customize the rendering of a tabbedpanel? struts2, dojo plugin
Date Thu, 04 Feb 2010 15:25:03 GMT
i'm using the <sx:tabbedpanel/> in the struts2-dojo-plugin. i have a
few questions on controlling the display/rendering of this component.

1. can i make the <sx:tabbedpanel/> expand 100% in height? i've tried
several things: a) place the <sx:tabbedpanel/> inside a <table> and
set the height of the table to 100%, b) set the <body/> height to
100%, c) set the <sx:tabbedpanel/> height to 100% (with combinations
of a and/or b). none of these seem to work unless i explicitly set the
height in px (i.e. <sx:tabbedpanel cssStyle="width: 100%; height:
400px;"/>), but then this doesn't expand 100% in height.

2. how can i control how the actual tabs inside <sx:tabbedpanel/> gets
displayed (the <sx:div/>)? from looking at the TLD and generated HTML,
it seems the rendering is controlled through CSS. however, at which
level, <sx:tabbedpanel/> or <sx:div/>, do i set the CSS? my problem is
that i don't particularly like the rounded, blue tab display. i want
to change it to something more linear/rectangular. when i look at the
HTML generated, there is a link to
/<my-context>/struts/TabbedPanel.css, but looking at this CSS file, i
just see something defined for, .strutsDisabledTab div span.

any help is appreciated. thanks.

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