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From adam pinder <>
Subject Action tag: execute method not being called
Date Mon, 01 Mar 2010 17:15:02 GMT

I have the following line in a jsp page that is shown after login
<s:action name="TeamActivity!execute" executeResult="false"><s:param name="action">find</s:param><s:param
name="teamActivity.selectedActivity">MyActivity</s:param><s:param name="teamActivity.dateFrom"
value="dateFrom"/><s:param name="teamActivity.dateTo" value="dateTo"/><s:param
This action simply gathers data and stores it in a session object.
Later on in the same jsp page i then have lines like
<img src="GenerateChart.action?action=activityTasksUpdatedPie" border="0" width="370px"
The GenerateChart action uses the session object (from TeamActivity action) containing the
data to render a pie chart - the reason for the session object is that i call several GenerateChart
actions from this page rendering various charts all from the same data and thought it was
more efficient than retrieving the data each time.
In Internet Explorer and Firefox all works well, i can see the TeamActivity action parameters
being passed, the prepare, validate and execute methods firing, the data is retrieved and
i get all the charts displayed.
In Safari (trying to be iphone friendly) the parameters are passed, prepare and validate methods
fire but the execute method is not called. I have even removed all content from validate method
(in case some parameter is invalid now) and still execute method doesn't get called.
I thought this processing was purely server side so i don't understand why Safari makes any
Any thoughts on why Safari is having this influence gratefully received.
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