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From Andy Law <>
Subject Re: Interceptor order
Date Thu, 20 May 2010 15:18:31 GMT

RogerV wrote:
> Andy Law wrote:
>> The pertinent code in the interceptor is reproduced below. It does what I
>> expect it to do insofar as it sticks my "Stuff" object in a place that
>> the JSP can retrieve it using the MAGIC_KEY string. However, if I
>> configure my interceptor stack with this interceptor at the top, none of
>> the other interceptors appear to fire. If I put this interceptor last in
>> the stack, all of the others do seem to fire (well, the application
>> works). Why should I need to put this after all the params-prepare-params
>> stuff?
>>     public String intercept(ActionInvocation invocation) throws
>>             Exception {
>>         if (this.getStuff() != null) {
>>             ActionContext ic = invocation.getInvocationContext();
>>             if (ic != null) {
>>                 ValueStack vs = ic.getValueStack();
>>                 if (vs != null) {
>>                     vs.set(MAGIC_KEY, this.getStuff());
>>                 }
>>             }
>>         }
>>         return invocation.invoke();
>>     }
>> As always, any and all help/pointers gratefully accepted, particularly if
>> I'm doing something stupid!</p>
> First of all, I'd load the config-browser plugin and check that the
> interceptor stack your action is using is actually the stack that you
> think it is. (BTDTGTTS)
> Secondly, I've never tried to poke the ValueStack directly, I've always
> used Interceptors to load objects into my actions and then retrieved them
> from there with the standard struts tags. What happens if you take all
> your processing out leaving just "return invocation.invoke()" - does your
> stack still fire?
> Regards

OK. Further investigation reveals the following:

1) The correct Interceptor stack *is* being configured and called (good call
on the config-browser plugin, I hadn't seen that before. Thanks)

2) Regardless of the position of the troublesome Interceptor, the other
Interceptors *do* fire

3) The key line is the "vs.set(MAGIC_KEY, this.getStuff());" line. Remove
this and all is well (except the interceptor does not do anything). Leave it
in and the action fails apparently because it never has the request
parameters set.

4) That same line works "as expected" if the interceptor runs last and the
object it injects *is* available in the JSPs.

It is as if setting a value on the ValueStack like that somehow wipes out
the Request parameters from the context.

Obviously I have two possible workarounds but this is bugging me. I don't
want to make my Actions know about the object being injected - this is not
part of their logic. Also, I don't want to have an application with some
"magic" order-related feature that I'll forget about in 6 months time. This
*should* work but it doesn't and that's just wrong!

Anyone more clues, anyone?



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