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From Dale Newfield <>
Subject Re: Where is the documentation for Struts tags ....
Date Tue, 04 May 2010 13:25:53 GMT
On 5/3/10 2:54 AM, RogerV wrote:
> <s:form>
> <s:checkboxlist name="selectedroles" list="%{availableroles}"
> value="%{preselectedroles}"/>
> <s:submit type="button" label="Add"/>
> </s:form>

So what html does this generate for the client to render/submit?

If you set the form action to be GET it's even easier to see what it is 
submitting.  Once you know it's submitting the right set of values, then 
you can focus on where those values go.

This appears in your "prepare"
> 		selectedroles = new HashMap<String,String>();
So if you have params then prepare in your interceptor stack you'll drop 
the values collected in params on the floor.  (If you have params 
prepare params, it should come back.)

I'm not sure how the named values get submitted or how those would get 
converted into a map, so I wonder if this is ever called:  (but I admit 
I'm a bit weak on the conversion process)

> 	public void setSelectedroles(Map<String, String>  selectedroles) {
> 		this.selectedroles = selectedroles;
> 	}


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