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From Dale Newfield <>
Subject Re: Some Spring/Struts questions
Date Thu, 13 May 2010 14:02:22 GMT
On 5/13/10 7:10 AM, Andy Law wrote:
> Following up on that thought process, if I use an interceptor then is there
> any difference/tradeoff/efficiency gain or loss from stuffing the object in
> question onto the Value Stack instead of dropping it into the request or the
> session? I guess that "explicitness" is what you gain from the
> request/session route?

You want to be able to directly address it rather than having to search 
through the value stack for it (and make other things search this bean 
in case of unintended conflicts), so while I wouldn't put it "on" the 
value stack, if you put it in the name-based hashmap that lives along 
side the stack you're good.  (Meaning use the ValueStack set() method 
instead of push().)  (And no, I don't have a reason to suggest OGNL over 
normal Request scope, or vice-versa.)


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