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From Dane <>
Subject Base Path for Page Resources Incorrect
Date Fri, 14 May 2010 14:52:17 GMT
I'm testing a Struts 2 application; resources included in the 
page--images, stylesheets--do not point to their absolute location, but 
instead adopt the path of the current page's URL and simply append their 
location to the end of it. I discovered that if I use the <base> tag in 
the <head> of the document and redefine the base to the absolute base 
path of the application, the resources get called and the page works 
fine, no matter how deep into the application's directory structure I 

Where can I disable this behaviour? Explicitly declaring a new base is 
not an option; I used it to simply test if the base was being rewritten.

All insight will be appreciated.

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