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From Jake Vang <>
Subject Re: spring, struts2, convention plugin, how to "wire" an action class
Date Thu, 13 May 2010 12:08:51 GMT
> If you want Spring to create your action class (as opposed to Struts
> creating them) then you need to define your action in the
> applicationContext.xml file.

how do you do that? here's a couple of ways i have tried that do NOT work.

1. (normal, naive way that works for defining services)
<bean id="action" class="">
 <property name="propertyA" value="${propertyA}"/>

2. (in this case, we do not use the id attribute, but the name attribute)
<bean name="/action" class="">
 <property name="propertyA" value="${propertyA}"/>

i've also tried configuring to have the
ObjectFactory use "spring" and this does not help.

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