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From Dale Newfield <>
Subject Re: [struts] Thanks! Works also with redirect actions...
Date Mon, 20 Sep 2010 21:18:14 GMT
On 9/20/10 12:30 PM, martinib wrote:
> <action name="registrationMain" class="somepackage.registrationAction">
> 			<result name="redirect" type="redirectAction">
> 				${customActionRedirect}?${urlParams}
> 				true
> 			</result>
> </action>

I'm guessing there's some xml in there that some intermediate mail 
process stripped out?

> I set the parameters to:
> customActionRedirect="registrationConfirm"
> urlParams="documentID=200"

First of all while older documentation says to use ${}, %{} should now 
work, and is less confusing (clearer that that's OGNL).  It looks like 
you've configured this to use the redirect result instead of the 
redirect action result.  I'm guessing you've made this mistake because 
the documentation appears to be screwed up.

Unless I'm mistaken, the example on is describing 
the type of specification you should give for the redirectAction result. 
  Anyone with a clue care to chime in here? does 
appear to be correct, though, and you'd do well to model that example.

Assuming there's some way for those two parameters to get returned from 
the valuestack (does your action have public String getUrlParams() and 
public String getCustomActionRedirect()?), and you specified the 
redirect result it would evaluate to
registrationConfirm?documentId=200 (no extension specified) which isn't 
quite what you're looking for.

> and i want the final url to be something like this:
> registrationConfirm.action?documentId=200
> but the parameter is never used, and the id is lost.

See above for a couple suggestions.  If you're still having issues, post 


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