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From Aaron Brown <>
Subject Struts2, convention plugin, websphere 6.1
Date Wed, 17 Nov 2010 16:56:04 GMT
I've been working on implementing Struts 2.1.8 on WebSphere 6.1 and
I'm having trouble with the convention plugin and annotation-based
configuration. It appears that none of my struts configs are being
scanned and/or processed from the annotations.  Here's what I know:

1) Struts2 and WebSphere is an ugly partnership. There are lots of
outstanding issues, so I'm wondering if this particular one has been
solved and if there's anything I can do.

2) I know WebSphere is scanning other annotations, since my
spring/hibernate annotations are working as expected.

3) Config browser tells me that my annotated packages/namespaces have
no actions defined. When I load the action configs into .xml files
instead, the actions are correctly loaded and working.

4) I tried tossing in some extra struts convention constants just to
prod things, but no help:
struts.convention.action.disableScanning = false
struts.convention.action.packages = com.mycompany.myapp.action

5) This app with all its annotations is working perfectly in Tomcat,
just not in WebSphere.

6) I have log4j set to DEBUG and I don't see any information about
actions being defined by the convention plugin - it's as if it isn't
even executing.

I have a workaround - the xml config works - but would prefer to use
annotations if I can. Anyone else run into this and solved it?

 - Aaron

Aaron Brown :

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