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From Jim Talbut <>
Subject RE: JSON Property
Date Tue, 04 Jan 2011 14:09:10 GMT
I don't want to use a separate roundtrip for loading the jqGrid for two reasons:
1. I want to handle the contents of the grid, and additional fields, in a single transaction.
2. It's inefficient and unnecessary.
Obviously the first is the more important :)

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From: Maurizio Cucchiara [] 
Sent: 04 January 2011 02:10
To: Struts Users Mailing List
Subject: Re: JSON Property

Pardon me if I'm probably wrong, but why can't you use JSON action?
I mean, something like this:

[...] jQuery("#list2").jqGrid({ url:'YOUR_JSON_ACTION_URL', [...]

2011/1/3 Jim Talbut <>:
> Yes, I thought about that, but it's even more work than creating a custom "get" method
and equally unreusable.
> I've done this often enough that I think a custom tag is justified.
> The reason I keep wanting to do it is to set up jqGrid data so that I can have a parent
record with children (the children being in the jqGrid and set via JSON) submitted as a single
entity (I typically put the JSON data into a hidden field and then update it in the submit,
but there are also other uses for the JSON data, such as selection lists, that don't get updated).
> Jim
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> From: Aaron Brown []
> Sent: 03 January 2011 13:11
> To: Struts Users Mailing List
> Subject: Re: JSON Property
> Have you considered using an include? You can call a json-result-type action
> with it or switch to some other fragment result if needed. Perhaps it's
> quick and dirty compared with creating a custom tag but it seems to me it
> would be a lot easier to implement.
> - Aaron
>  On Jan 3, 2011 6:50 AM, "Jim Talbut" <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I keep needing to put the JSON equivalent of an expression into a JSP page
> to be used by client side javascript.
>> This is done during the evaluation of the JSP, it's not AJAX.
>> At the moment I'm doing it by creating a special "get" method on the
> action, but that's not nice - the action shouldn't need to know that I want
> the representation in JSON.
>> I've started looking at creating an alternative tag to do the job, but it
> would be pretty much a complete copy of the property tag, but with an
> additional "escape"-type property to specify that the result should be JSON.
>> It's slightly more complicated than that because the normal escapes should
> be applied afterwards too.
>> Question: Is this something that should be implemented in the base
> property tag as an enhancement to struts itself, or should I just copy the
> property tag and get on with my life?
>> Thanks
>> Jim
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Maurizio Cucchiara

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