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From <>
Subject Clientside validation using custom theme and tables
Date Wed, 05 Jan 2011 12:06:41 GMT

I have three questions regarding client side validation.

When using a table in a form and the validation messages duplicates each time the form is
submitted. How is this resolved?

I am using a custom theme so I can put more than two columns in a table. When using this theme
I get the error TypeError: row.cells is undefined in firefox.
This question probably relates to my first question one though.

If I want to validate a integer input, between zero and 10 then no error message is displayed
if the no value is entered in the text field. Also a zero is displayed in the field if the
user has not entered any value.
How can it be done that the validation checks so that the field is not empty and if the user
enters a value outside the range 0-100 a error message is displayed?

<s:form method ="post" action="test"  validate="true">
      <s:textfield name="bean.test1" key="name" size="20" />
      <s:textfield name="bean.test2" key="age" size="20" />
      <s:submit value="ok" />

<validator type="int" >
<param name="fieldName">dealBean.test1</param>
      <param name="min">1</param>
      <param name="max">100</param>

<validator type="int" >
<param name="fieldName">dealBean.test2</param>
      <param name="min">1</param>
      <param name="max">100</param>

I am new at struts and web development in general and from searching for information online
I do not get this to work...
Would be very happy if someone could help me with these issues.

Thank you,

Christoffer Kappers

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