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From Jari Fredriksson <>
Subject Re: Labels in struts 1.2
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2011 11:08:37 GMT
13.6.2011 13:53, Pankaj Gupta kirjoitti:
> Hi  All,
> Need quick help.  I need to display label with tool tip.
> But not sure, if strust 1.2 has any label UI, which can be used.
> Appreciate your help.

I have used something called "wz_tooltip.js", a javascript tool. It
worked like charm with Struts 1.2 when I did that.

Easy-to-use cross-browser tooltips.
Just include the script at the beginning of the <body> section, and invoke
Tip('Tooltip text') to show and UnTip() to hide the tooltip, from the
HTML eventhandlers. Example:
<a onmouseover="Tip('Some text')" onmouseout="UnTip()"
href="index.htm">My home page</a>
No container DIV required.
By default, width and height of tooltips are automatically adapted to
Is even capable of dynamically converting arbitrary HTML elements to
by calling TagToTip('ID_of_HTML_element_to_be_converted') instead of Tip(),
which means you can put important, search-engine-relevant stuff into
Appearance & behaviour of tooltips can be individually configured
via commands passed to Tip() or TagToTip().

The latest version is available at


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