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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject [S1] Validator configuration error
Date Fri, 01 Jul 2011 03:02:23 GMT
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I recently started using a dynamic form <form-property> attribute called
"reset". It's documented to allow you to use either "true" or "false" or
any combination of comma-separated HTTP methods that will trigger the
form field to be blanked-out in the form before data from the request is
applied to it.

- From struts-1.3.dtd:

<!-- The "form-property" element describes a JavaBean property that can
be used to configure an instance of a DynaActionForm or a subclass thereof.


reset - The flag that indicates when this property should be reset
to its "initial" value when the form's "reset()" method is
called. If this is set to "true", the property is always
reset when "reset()" is called. This can also be set to
one or more HTTP methods, such as GET or POST. In such a
case, the property will be reset only when the HTTP method
used for the request being processed is included in this
attribute's value(s). Multiple HTTP methods can be
specified by separating them with whitespace or commas.

- -->
<!ELEMENT form-property  (set-property*)>
<!ATTLIST form-property  className      %ClassName;     #IMPLIED>
<!ATTLIST form-property  initial        CDATA           #IMPLIED>
<!ATTLIST form-property  name           %PropName;      #REQUIRED>
<!ATTLIST form-property  reset          %Boolean;       #IMPLIED>
<!ATTLIST form-property  size           %Integer;       #IMPLIED>
<!ATTLIST form-property  type           %ClassName;     #REQUIRED>

The "reset" attribute is declared as "%Boolean;" which is:

<!ENTITY % Boolean "(true|false|yes|no)">

This causes the following errors during configuration:

2011-06-30 22:49:33,658 [main] ERROR
org.apache.commons.digester.Digester- Parse Error at line 18 column 86:
Attribute "reset" with value "POST" must have a value from the list
"true false yes no ".
org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Attribute "reset" with value "POST" must
have a value from the list "true false yes no ".

I checked, and it does not look like there is an updated
struts-1.3.x.dtd for me to use with any fix for this.

Oddly enough, the configuration itself seems to load and work properly.
Maybe Struts reports SAXParseExceptions but doesn't actually stop
processing? The configuration works as expected... it just has this
nasty configuration error whenever we start up.

First, does anyone see a reason to worry about the error, given that
everything seems to actually work.

Second, since S1 hasn't seen a release since 2008, it is even worth
filing a bug and getting it fixed if there isn't likely to be another
1.3.x release for a while?

- -chris
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