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Subject Where's ideal for this logic?
Date Tue, 09 Aug 2011 13:51:30 GMT

I have several actions that instantiate a business service to query KPI
statistics from our database.  The KPI statistics are gathered using
projection-based Hibernate queries on several domain entity objects.
We are representing the KPIs in the view using a jQuery-based chart

Does it make sense to constrain the business service layer to simply
retrieving the summary data information and leave the action class to
inspecting the summary data and generating the chart DTO objects used in
the JSP for rendering needs or would others have specialized methods in
the business service to create the chart DTO objects too really keeping
the action lean?

There are ways to minimize code bloat regardless of where I place the
logic, but I'm looking for the most ideal place.  Since each graphs
render is unique and specific to the report parameters and
configurations of that specific report, one action may simple generate a
single bar chart where the next may generate a bar chart with a spline
overlay and an additional pie chart all in a single view.

Lastly, has anyone else looked at the library from Highcharts and have
any input, thoughts, or suggestions on your past use?

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