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From Robert Graf-Waczenski <>
Subject Re: Struts2 Memory Management
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2011 14:04:33 GMT
Am 19.10.2011 15:49, schrieb Charles Godfrey:
> Sorry, let me clarify.
> I meant loading all those objects into the action class vs. lets say loading
> 50 at a time and doing out.println() in your servlet, then repeating this,
> so you are only ever loading 50 (or whatever number) into memory.

Nothing in Struts2 forces you to load all objects "into the action 
class". You are, however, in most cases, forced to give your action 
class methods that return iterator-like classes (to benefit from the s2 
tags in your JSP). But even those can be programmed without loading 
everything into memory. Internal pointers to (for example) JDBC result 
sets come in handy in such situations, just use some magic in your 
implementation of the iterator interface methods and you should be fine 
even with small amounts of memory.

You are not having a Struts2 issue, you are having a design issue that 
is independent of the framework you choose.

Or, more bluntly and the other way around: Stupid design causes trouble 
in any framework.


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