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From Eamonn Kearns <>
Subject css_xhtml question
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2012 15:43:25 GMT
Hello there,

	I'm new to struts 2.0 and have ben finding it relatively painless to work with, save where
it comes to forms. I have attempted to use the simple theme for form generation to save myself
the hassle of having to deal with form themes, except if I do that, validation seems not to

	To get validation working, I set the theme to css_xhtml. The problem with /that/ is that
the xhtml being produced has <br> tags between the divs. Leaving aside the syntactic
issue that <br> is not a valid xhtml tag, as it is not self closed, these <br>
tags prevent the float:left, padding:70% styles in the style.css file associated with css_xhtml
from having any effect.

	Is this a bug or have I implemented the code incorrectly?

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