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From "s" <>
Subject Struts 2 losing timestamp in java.util.Date when validation failed
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2012 16:18:12 GMT

I have a form with java.util.Date (createTimestmp) and it has both date & time.
createTimestmp is an hidden field on the form. When I fetch record from database it has "5/17/12
12:58:33 PM.688" as value.

If I change something on the form and if validation is GOOD, then creatTimestmp value is retained
to the original value. That is, its still "5/17/12 12:58:33 PM.688".

But if the validation fails, and user goes to input form again, then createTimestmp value
changes to "5/17/12". The timestamp is missing.

Looks like a bug to me in struts 2.

Why is struts 2 dropping timestamp on INPUT result...?

Can someone please help.

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