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From John Boyer <>
Subject [Struts 2] Redirect Stopped Working After Struts 2 Upgrade
Date Sun, 28 Oct 2012 01:09:13 GMT

Without making any code changes, I upgraded my Struts 2 libraries from v2.2.1 to v2.3.4.1.
However, a redirect URL no longer works in Firefox or Safari. It works fine in Struts v2.2.1.

No errors or warnings appear in the log but, here's the warning I get in Firefox Firebug:

"A form was submitted in the windows-1252 encoding which cannot encode all Unicode characters,
so user input may get corrupted. To avoid this problem, the page should be changed so that
the form is submitted in the UTF-8 encoding either by changing the encoding of the page itself
to UTF-8 or by specifying accept-charset=utf-8 on the form element."

Does anyone know what might going wrong or have any suggestions?

<!-- Prevent double submits -->
<interceptor-ref name="tokenSession"/>
<interceptor-ref name="defaultStack"/>

<!-- Broken redirect in -->
<result name="success" type="redirect">
	<param name="location"></param>

Thank you,
John Boyer
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