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From Lukasz Lenart <>
Subject Re: implementaiton advise on custom TextProvider
Date Wed, 17 Oct 2012 05:43:45 GMT
2012/10/16 Davis, Chad <>:
>> Okay.  I'm following this path.  I've got the Spring Plugin in place.  And it's
>> working.  I verified it by autowiring a trivial spring bean into one of my
>> actions.  But when I try to create my custom textprovider and then have it
>> used as the framework default text provider I'm getting some initialization
>> problems.  Here's what I'm doing:
>> 1) spring config
>>       <bean id="customTextProvider"
>> class="com.mycompany.textsupport.MyTextProviderSupport"/>
>> 2) struts.xml
>>           <bean type="com.opensymphony.xwork2.TextProvider"
>> name="myTextProvider" class="customTextProvider" scope="default" />
>>          <constant name="struts.xworkTextProvider" value="myTextProvider"/>
>> But when I start the app I get the following error, thrown when the
>> framework tries to create the text provider bean.  It seems like the
>> framework isn't recognizing that I'm referencing a spring bean with the class
>> attribute . . .
> So, I have figured this out.  The TextProvider is injected outside the control of the
core objectfactory.  If you look at the ActionSupport class, you'll see that there is a lazy
init method for acquiring the textprovider.  It uses the default ContainerImpl, as injected
( by type I think ) into the action, to inject the textprovider.  This means that it goes
around the spring object factory for this injection.
> Not sure what to do.  Several workarounds come to mind.

Good point, could you register an issue for that ?

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