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From Ken McWilliams <>
Subject Re: how to write json/xml output using struts 2 and rest + convention plugin
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2012 23:41:16 GMT
I'm not familiar with this application but simply look at the
documentation for the struts2-json-plugin, you can specify a json
result and you can specify include and exclude parameters (so you just
return the part(s) of your Action you want). In this way you could
define a new map, put a key of "results" with a value of "New order
created successfully" and return it quite easily. If the struts2
document is insufficient there are plenty of examples also on
StackOverflow, so take a look there too (Including many annotation
based examples).

On Thu, Oct 4, 2012 at 4:21 PM, Jane Wayne <> wrote:
> i've downloaded the demo apps for struts 2 v2.3.5 SNAPSHOT for today.
> i am trying to understand and study the rest struts2-rest-showcase
> webapp.
> in the rest showcase, the OrdersController class has the following method.
> public String editNew() {
>  model = new Order();
>  return "editNew";
> }
> the user is taken to orders-editNew.jsp. on this page, the form posts
> to: action="%{#request.contextPath}/orders". the action to handle this
> form is as follows.
> public HttpHeaders create() {
>  addActionMessage("New order created successfully");
>  return new DefaultHttpHeaders("success").setLocationId(model.getId());
> }
> at this point, the user is taken to orders-index.jsp. however, i do
> not want to take the user to this page. i instead want to write a
> JSON/XML message back saying something (just like the action message)
> to indicate success/failure. how do i do this?
> i imagine my client application posting data to: /orders/new
> and then receiving some JSON message:
> { "results" : "New order created successfully" }
> any help is appreciated.
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