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From Vineet Kanwal <>
Subject Re: Different session handling between websphere and tomcat
Date Thu, 10 Jan 2013 16:46:21 GMT

IBM WebSphere Application Server uses the JSESSIONID information to keep
track of the client session. If you have an application where the
application client must navigate across multiple WebSphere Application
Server nodes residing in same domain, then the JSESSIONID information may
be over-written on the client because multiple JSESSIONID cookies received
with the same name and path.

When persistence is disabled and if the JSESSIONID in the incoming request
is not found in the current session manager, then the session manager will
generate a new sessionId and create a session object, instead of using the
sessionId in the incoming request.

To resolve this issue, configure WebSphere Application Server to reuse the
sessionId present in the incoming request.
For All versions:
   1.	Open the administrative console.
   2.	Select Servers > Application Servers > Server_Name > Server
      Infrastructure > Java and Process Management > Process Definition >
      Java Virtual Machine > Custom Properties > New.
   3.	Add a new Custom Property for the JVM to reuse the sessionId:
      System Property Name: HttpSessionIdReuse
      System Property Value: true
   4.	Save your changes and restart the Application Server.

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