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From Fabian Richter <>
Subject DateTimePicker not showing
Date Tue, 02 Jul 2013 08:20:17 GMT

I am still trying to migrate our application from Webwork to Strut2.

The site uses sitemesh with freemarker templates and used a 
<ww:datepicker.../> from Webwork.

This tag was replaced in struts2 with <sx:datetimepicker but doesnt show 
up in my application.

I added <sx:head ... > in the <head> section of my jsp. I included the 
plugin in my WEB-INF/lib folder and changed my web.xml according to

Then I excluded


in decordators.xml and replaced the HTMLPageParsers in sitemesh.xml with

<parser content-type="text/html" 

which was a hint for that issue on some website.

But the Datetimepicker is still now rendered at my website. I dont get 
any errors in my tomcat logs, only 2 javascript errors when calling the 
website that has the DateTimePicker on it:

TypeError: dojo.widget.manager is undefined @ 
TypeError: dojo.xml.Parse is not a constructor @ 

Any idea if these are the critical errors? If not, what else could have 
been wrong?

Thank you in advance


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