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From Jim Anderon <>
Subject hello world is giving me a stack trace.
Date Tue, 08 Jul 2014 19:47:48 GMT


I'm trying to learn about struts and I have been trying to run the 
tutorials. The example, 'basic struts', runs ok in my
environment. But when I run 'hello_world', I get a stack trace, which I 
will attach to this email.

I'm running on Crunchbang linux, a Debian deriviative, and I'm using 
tomcat6 as my server, with Struts

I was having trouble getting the example to run on my machine. I finally 
got it to run successfully once. Every run
after that has given me a stacktrace. I figured that I might have messed 
up the code in my work space, so I removed
everything, re-installed the hello_world directory and then rebuilt 
using 'mvn clean package', which ran
successfully. I tried installing the war file both manually and using 
the tomcat manager and got the same results
in either case.

I am searching the internet for a similar stacktrace, but have not found 
it yet. Has anyone on the mailing list
seen a similar problem before?

Jim Anderson

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