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From Fabian Richter <>
Subject paramsPrepareParamsStack and token interceptor
Date Tue, 19 Aug 2014 15:09:46 GMT

when using paramsPrepareParamsStack with the convention plugin I'm 
getting multiple errors/warnings in devMode=true:

Error setting expression 'token' with value 
Error setting expression 'token' with value 

At least one I got rid of by excluding these params (important is 'token'):

@InterceptorRefs({@InterceptorRef(value = "paramsPrepareParamsStack", 
params = {"params.excludeParams", 

But apparently only the first params interceptor in the stack uses these 
params. The second one (the one after the prepare interceptor) only uses 
the built-in excludeParams. So one of the above mentioned errors 
persists, which is rather uncool :/

Bug or feature?

Thanks and best

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