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Subject Struts 2 'redirectAction' changes protocol from HTTPS to HTTP
Date Tue, 16 Dec 2014 15:56:45 GMT
Hello all struts2 users

I have a JEE web application running in HTTP mode all the time except for authentication where
we are in HTTPS. We now need to have HTTPS all the time.

While testing, we saw a problem with Struts 2 : "redirectAction" (which generates 302 status
return code on the client side) changes the protocol from HTTPS to HTTP.

Example :

    <package name="suiviaffaire" namespace="/suiviaffaire" extends="webapp">    
        <action name="*" method="{1}" class="com.myAction">

       <result name="consultRedirection" type="redirectAction">
                <param name="actionName">consult?idAffaire=${idAffaire}</param>
                <param name="parse">true</param>
                <param name="encode">true</param>
       <result name="consult">/jsp/suiviaffaire/consult.jsp</result>

Network capture :

1) status 302 : https://localhost:8043/webapp/suiviaffaire/redirectionTypeAffaire.action?idAffaire=XXX
2) status 200 : http://localhost:8043/webapp/suiviaffaire/consult.action?idAffaire=XXX

We tested in WebLogic 12c and WebSphere 7 and we experienced the same issue. Do you know if
this a normal behaviour of Struts 2 or a config problem in our app ?


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