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From Zahid Rahman <>
Subject Re: Black Box Tesing v White Box Testing
Date Thu, 05 Dec 2019 08:28:51 GMT
On one occasion I had to make use of external procedure (dynamic link
library (DLL)) on a database.

The Oracle  documents showed,Oracle database provides two ways of
interacting with host operating system.
PL/SQL which can create and write files to disk or a developer can create
dll (in C or other 3rd generation language).

There were code example in the documents  showing how to use PL/SQL for one
way interaction with OS , but no example showing C dll interface code .Any
way I decided to give it go nonetheless.

The first problem was every time I tried to install the C/C++ IDE. It would
crash with an incomprehensible error message  i.e. ("OX56F...).

Then I asked myself how did the IDE vendor compile the ide on that

I asked my internal support staff for any patches for available. It was a
fully licenced environment, so he had a CD delivered with the patches. I
loaded the patches and the IDE installed with out any issues.

Then the DLL wouldn't produce the expected results.

I contacted Oracle  support because we had a support contract.  The
Database Vendor support said we don't support it on that operating system.

So it would appear the reason there was no sample code in the documents is
because the database vendor couldn't  install the IDE.

On Wed, 4 Dec 2019, 14:11 Dave Newton, <> wrote:

> On Wed, Dec 4, 2019 at 07:56 Zahid Rahman <> wrote:
> > The space and defence don't share what they are doing.  So I don't think
> > yours is reasonable  statement that you know what is happening  in the
> > aerospace  and defence industry.
> Hm. I don't think your assumption that I haven't done defense contracting
> is a reasonable one, but we'll agree to disagree on that one. (If you're
> wondering, encrypted radio systems, and consulting on guidance systems. And
> I still know the people I worked with--and people that use the systems or
> their descendents.)
> FWIW: you're going to find people with a pretty wide background in this
> group, many with decades of experience across a full spectrum of domains.
> Speaking for myself, I come from both embedded and application development
> going on 30+ years now. I know others here have similar time in the
> trenches. None of us are resistant to new ideas or ways of looking at
> things--but we have an appreciation for factual claims and accurate
> representations.
> Anyway you jumped to a conclusion of reverse engineering  when I was
> > referring to the benefit of traceability when using interpretive code.
> I "jumped" to reverse engineering because you specifically said an
> advantage of Java was decompilation (not unique to Java), and that's a
> primary component of reverse engineering almost by definition.
> d.
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