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From Zahid Rahman <>
Subject Re: Struts Application Generator plugin
Date Sun, 01 Dec 2019 03:20:18 GMT
My suggestion or feature request is not an original idea by any means.
This is how 4GLs (4th Generation Language) work or what they are.
I would even go so far as to say the plugin I suggested does meet the  4GL
definition  completely.
4GLs I have come across are CA OPENROAD , ORACLE FORMS, Visual Basic in FAT
client environments.
(two tier, synchronous communication tightly coupled ).
4GLs like OpenRoad and oracle forms were provided by Database companies,
when the architecture was database centric .

As you know we are now working in a network centric environment where there
is a minimum 3 tier  architectural requirement.
browser, application server, database.
Database is no longer the center of the architecture,
So now it should be the application server companies like spring providing
these plugins.
Alongside the   initialzr website.

If I put my mind to it I could probably knock one off,
But my focus is some where else and I don't want to divert my attention.

How important is such a feature ?
In my view and from my experience It could add millions of GBP to one
companies bottom line.
That's what the 4GLs did for who those realised the value of it.

Also in my previous post I was referring closing  body TAG </body>.

Please correct me if  I is my understand but the controller is the servlet.

I was referring to the the auto generation of actions class
public class SomeClass  extends ActionSupport {}

Best Regards


On Sun, 1 Dec 2019 at 01:12, M Huzaifah <> wrote:

> Hi,..
> I was wonder to have  generator like you said. My idea came up when i use
> mybatis generator. Mybatis generator will inspect single column in table
> that we've registeren in config, and generate the POJO,Interface, and XML
> for us. For custom purpose i plan to use it for generate JSP, struts2
> controller, and Spring Service (i use Spring instead).
> In the future, this feature will usefull when we need to speedup
> development such as create a CRUD on Master Tables
> Regards
> On Sun, Dec 1, 2019, 08:00 Zahid Rahman <> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I am sure you are familiar with the Java Object Orientated Code Generator
> > Plugin ,
> > where you can declare a variable in a class and then you are able to
> > generate
> > the repetitive task of generating code for the Getters and  Setters for
> > that variable.
> > No doubt the experience is rather fun too !.
> >
> > Is there a plugin available where you place your cursor in the
> <View>.jsp.
> > start a GUI plugin.
> >
> > create a field variable of type  [s:textfield  s:radio  s:select
> >  s:checkbox  s:textarea s:checkboxlist  etc.] .
> > select the attributes associated for that field , from a list [ drop down
> > or radio button].
> >
> > You then have option of  Generating the corresponding  class  property,
> > including  create a class if one doesn't exist,
> > Go on to generate code for field getter and setter in the class and even
> > perhaps  the  corresponding  s:property in a selected  JSP (create a JSP
> if
> > one doesn't exist, minimum generated code required code by struts
> > framework), Also  creating the corresponding s:property field just above
> > <body> TAG.  all following the struts design pattern.
> >
> > As you can see the functionality of the Struts application Generator
> plugin
> > is same as the Object orientated getter an setter, constructor code
> > generator plugin, you are familiar using , but specific for struts
> > framework.
> > The struts Application Generator will also eliminated many  of the
> > unnecessary bugs found by application developers.
> >
> > Please see page 411  ISBN 0-8053-5340-2 Object Orientated Analysis and
> > Design with Applications for further details.
> >
> > Best Regards
> > Zahid
> >
> > .
> >

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