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From Yasser Zamani <>
Subject RE: blank Page
Date Sat, 07 Dec 2019 09:13:03 GMT

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>From: Zahid Rahman <>
>Sent: Wednesday, December 4, 2019 8:11 PM
>To: Struts Users Mailing List <>
>Subject: blank Page
>I downloaded the latest JVM and tomcat.
>I set JAVA_HOME  as system variable to the latest version of JVM like any
>the tomcat home page appeared.  wow ! and more wow ! great ! freeware which
>talk to the browser.
>I no longer have to do 1 week training on vendor tools.
>I am free at last free at last , free at last.
>Now I can learn this tool to a depth I have never learned before producing
>industrial software using the most complex programming features. So complex
>that another developer will have serious problems understanding. It will test his
>skills to  the limit.
>I can now learn HTML and JAVASCRIPT , I thought ANSI SQL  and pure object
>orientated programmer. No more wrappers.
>Then I  noticed there was a JVM already installed on my operating system in
>program files  sub directory. I wanted to replicate the user environment.
>so I set JAVA_HOME in the .bat file pointing to latest JVM for tomcat only.
>That's when I got a blank page.
>It is my understanding that the communication protocol was incompatible
>between the latest JDK and the earlier JRE already installed used by browser. The
>two JVMS couldn't talk to each other.
>So disappointed I was.

No. AFAIK User browser used JRE and your server JDK aren't connected, are independent. User
browser talks with your tomcat via HTTP protocol and process your server text responses by
its own local HTML, JavaScript, Flash, JRE and etc engines.

>Then I found another set of instruction showing  how to plug JSERV module with
>Apache web server.
>Once I did that the tomcat cat home page re appeared in the same browser.
>Now, I come from the third world and I know they use old computers and they do
>not have the bandwidth to download 500 - 600 MB operating system patches.
>Especially my tribe members. Like Apache I also come from a small  tribe and I
>want to prototype an application so that we can keep track. I want to prototype
>using Struts2.

AFAIK they usually don't need whole system patches. They just need a latest browser download
which usually is small. I'm not sure but maybe you can avoid using complex JavaScript and
HTML components to work with old browsers but in general I think it's impossible to work with
very old OS/browsers.

>Obviously I do not have access to the lowest level communication protocol.
>The one that makes it possible for a  web page to travel half way across the world
>in a split second.

It's simple HTTP protocol  :)

>That is confidential and I am a lowly developer.
>Can the expert please tell me, do I still have to use Apache in front or can I just
>use tomcat with the latest stable JVM and it will communicate with what ever
>browser no matter how old ?

No you don't. Using Apache HTTP server in front doesn't help working with old browsers.

I hope these help! But for further info Google is your friend. Simply search phrases like
"develop for old browsers" and etc.

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