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From Rene Gielen <>
Subject [ANN] [SECURITY] Announcing CVE-2019-0230 (Possible RCE) and CVE-2019-0233 (DoS) security issues
Date Thu, 13 Aug 2020 10:17:50 GMT
Two new Struts Security Bulletins have been issued for Struts 2 by the
Apache Struts Security Team: [1]

S2-059 - Forced double OGNL evaluation, when evaluated on raw user input
in tag attributes, may lead to remote code execution (CVE-2019-0230) [2]

S2-060 - Access permission override causing a Denial of Service when
performing a file upload (CVE-2019-0233) [3]

Both issues affect Apache Struts in the version range 2.0.0 - 2.5.20.
The current version 2.5.22, which was released in November 2019, is not

CVE-2019-0230 has been reported by Matthias Kaiser, Apple Information
Security. By design, Struts 2 allows developers to utilize forced double
evaluation for certain tag attributes. When used with unvalidated, user
modifiable input, malicious OGNL expressions may be injected. In an
ongoing effort, the Struts framework includes mitigations for limiting
the impact of injected expressions, but Struts before 2.5.22 left an
attack vector open which is addressed by this report. [2]

However, we continue to urge developers building upon Struts 2 to not
use %{...} syntax referencing unvalidated user modifiable input in tag
attributes, since this is the ultimate fix for this class of
vulnerabilities. [4]

CVE-2019-0233 has been reported by Takeshi Terada of Mitsui Bussan
Secure Directions, Inc. In Struts before 2.5.22, when a file upload is
performed to an Action that exposes the file with a getter, an attacker
may manipulate the request such that the working copy of the uploaded
file or even the container temporary upload directory may be set to
read-only access. As a result, subsequent actions on the file or file
uploads in general will fail with an error. [3]

Both issues are already fixed in Apache Struts 2.5.22, which was
released in November 2019.

We strongly recommend all users to upgrade to Struts 2.5.22, if this has
not been done already. [5][6]

The Apache Struts Security Team would like to thank the reporters for
their efforts and their practice of responsible disclosure, as well as
their help while investigating the report and coordinating public


René Gielen

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