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From Yasser Zamani <>
Subject Re: AliasInterceptor parameter mapping issue
Date Fri, 28 Aug 2020 14:56:14 GMT
Hi Brian,

Sorry for inconvenience :( yes for me as well it looks like an 
unintentional bug introduced by [1].

Thanks a lot for writing to us! To followup its resolution would you 
mind create a new JIRA ticket?



On 8/28/2020 4:58 AM, Brian Lenz wrote:
> Hello,
> We are running into an issue with the AliasInterceptor after upgrading to
> 2.5.22 (from 2.3.35). The issue is that the fallback behavior to look in
> HttpParameters for a value guarantees a value will always be set and that
> Evaluated.isDefined() will subsequently always return true. The issue is
> that HttpParameters.get() *always* returns a non-null value. If there isn't
> an explicit value set, then it returns a Parameter.Empty. This cascades
> back to AliasInterceptor, which results in the empty value *always* being
> set on the stack.
> As an example, let's say I have a parameter f with alias foo. If I set a
> value for foo on the request, the behavior in AliasInterceptor will result
> in an empty value being set for foo, thus overwriting the actual value
> submitted.
> Is this the designed behavior? Based on the structure of the code, it
> appears to be a bug since there is unnecessary logic otherwise
> (specifically, the call to value.isDefined() on line 179). Further, this is
> different behavior from the older versions of Struts (pre-HttpParameters).
> Instead, I would think that isDefined() should be checked on the
> Parameter returned
> from HttpParameters so that a non-null value is only set in the Evaluated if
> the parameter is actually defined.
> Does anyone have any thoughts or insight into this issue? I looked in JIRA
> and couldn't find anything related to it. Does anyone know of any
> workarounds (aside from creating a custom AliasInterceptor to fix the
> behavior)?
> Thanks!
> Brian

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